Cristiano Ronaldo Biography

Welcome back to our website. Today I would like us to talk about Cristiano Ronaldo biography. Maybe you have some information about this player but I will just go into deep. In this article, I will cover Cristiano Ronaldo family background, his soccer journey and so on.

Cristiano Ronaldo date and place of birth

He was born on February 5 1985, in a place called Funchal, Madeira, Portugal which is a small island in Portugal. He is the smallest in a family of 4. His older brothers include; Maria Dolores, does Santos pamoja and josé dinis aveiro. His name comes from Ronaldo Reagan an actor who was Ronaldo’s father favourite actor.

Cristiano Ronaldo family

He is from a poor family and they used to live in an iron sheet house near the ocean. His father is the one who introduced him to soccer since he was a worker at a boy’s club. Ronaldo and his entire family went through a lot of hardships since his father was a heavy drunkard.

His mother was working as a cleaner and cooks. Although she was being paid little money, She was able to provide basic needs to her family.

In 2005 Ronaldo’s father died. That time Ronaldo was a player at Manchester United. According to doctors, his father died due to kidney complications caused by consuming a lot of alcohol. After the death of his father, a lot changed and life was very hard for Ronaldo since his father was very close to him.

In 2007, her mother also died due to cancer. Ranaldo life changed within a very short time after the death of both his parent. Ronaldo used to advise his father to visit a Rehab but his father never took him seriously

Cristiano Ronaldo childhood

He started having an interest in football since he was 10 years, He could even forget both eating and sleeping but he could not miss playing football. According to Fernao Sousa who took over as Christiano Ronaldo father, Ronaldo could escape from the window when he was supposed to be doing school homework.

Cristiano Ronaldo biography

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro is player from portugal. In 2003 He was signed by Manchester United when he was just 13 years old. Manchester United paid him £12 million which is about $14 million U.S dollars. He made a record of the youngest player to be paid a lot of money

In 2004, he was among the players who made Manchester United win the F.A cup. Cristiano Ronaldo scored three goals. In 2008, he broke another record and he was announced as the best scorer of the year. He later joined Real Madrid where the club paid $131 million as a transfer fee.

He won ballon d’Or 5 times consecutively. Being part of Portugal national team, his team was able to win the 2016 European championship. In July 2018, he was signed by the Juventus club in Italy

Cristiano Ronaldo football life

There was a time Portugal was having a match with Manchester United. At that time Ronaldo was not yet joined Manchester United. Some of the manchester players who were playing at that time show Ronaldo’s capability. They talked to their club manager to work on signing him which happened a few months later.

In 2007, Ronaldo was signed by Manchester being offered £31 million. In 2008, He won as the best Fifa player of the year in the world. He helped manchester united to win 5 times in the premier league.

Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid.

In 2009, Real Madrid agreed to sign Cristiano Ronaldo paying $131 million as a transfer fee. It was a tricky moment since Christiano was used to Manchester United. This was like a child being separated from his own family. Most of his fans were also shocked by the news of Ronaldo joining Juventus

” I know a lot of people are expecting too much from me. It will take time to do so since I have been a manchester player for many years. I understand the work ahead of me but I will work hard to help my new team….”

Ronaldo was always doing great and he won a lot of awards. in 2016, Ronaldo won the Ballon d’Or awards for the fourth time breaking the record that was made by Lionel Messi.

Awards won by Cristiano Ronaldo

Some of the awards that Cristiano won in 2016 include; European championship, champions league, club world cup and individual awards from UEFA. He also won France football magazine. The following year, Ronaldo won ballon d’Or for the 5th time.

In July 2018, Ronaldo joined Juventus, the transfer fee being $140 million. At Juventus, Ronaldo worked very hard and he was able to score 10 goals in his first 14 matches. In 2019, He helped Juventus to win the ‘Serie A title’ and from that time he was nicknamed as league’s MVP

On August 27, 2021, the news was circulating everywhere that Ronaldo was going back to Manchester United where he is at the moment. Back at home, Ronaldo was the captain of the Portugal national team. He helped the team to win the European championship where they played with France.

He didn’t finish the match since he was substituted at the 25th minute due to a knee injury. Both fans and his co-players praised Ronaldo for his good work. It is because of him their national team won.

I hope you now have enough information about Cristiano Ronaldo biography. Keep it here for more updates.

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